Become a Certified Crystal Healer

Crystal Healing I teaches you the basics of laying the stones on the body. In the class, you will be able to see and hold each of the stones we talk about and explore ways of using them for yourself and others. I will give you a handout of the stones and their uses so that you can go back and refresh your memory at any time. Another part of the class is observing a basic layout and doing chakra balancing. At the end of the class you will receive a certificate to display. The classes are great fun and you will hopefully learn a lot! But this is just the beginning.

Crystal Healing II or the advanced class is offered a month or two later. In this class we will continue learning about the remainder of the stones but will also learn how to do the layouts. This is really a hands-on class. Everyone will receive a layout and everyone will do one. You will learn both front layouts and layouts on the back of the body. These are very different in what they accomplish. A front layout is usually addressing blocks in the energy that stem from emotional viewpoints. A back layout triggers remembering, addresses cellular level issues and awakens the kundalini. The ascended masters have said the difference between a front and back layout is like the difference between an appendectomy and brain surgery! Wow!

Each of the Crystal Healing classes is a weekend event. Most days are 6 hours in class unless we get sidetracked and run longer! The charge is $200.00 per person per weekend. Some meals are provided as well as lodging for those coming from a distance. Most of the stones talked about are available for purchase. At the end of the second class you will receive a certificate indicating you are a certified crystal healer.

Upcoming Classes